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What is Spamihilator?
Spamihilator is a fine spam blocker program from Michel Krämer. It's main benefits are:

  • It's freeware.
  • You can write or download so called plugins to extend Spamihilator.

For more infos and download of Spamihilator please see the Spamihilator Homepage.

Spamihilator Download
SizeAbout 1.4 MByte
You may download Spamihilator from this Server, too. Published courtesy of the author Michel Krämer.

Edy's Plugins

Download all plugins
SizeAbout 1.1 MByte
Dated (YYYY-MM-DD)2004-11-16
Download installer for 'Hercule Filter', 'Misspelled Filter' and 'Foreign language Filter' described below.
PurposeDetective for invalid or bad HTML or mail headers typically used by spammers.
Recommended priorityHighest
SizeAbout 610 KByte
Dated (YYYY-MM-DD)2004-11-16
InfoHelp file
What's new?Version history
Detects amoung others:
  • Usage of white characters on white ground.
  • Usage of tiny, nearly invisible characters.
  • Usage of URLs revealing your E-Mail address (and showing that you have opened the mail).
  • Usage of URL redirects intending to let the user think he clicks on a "good" hyperlink.
  • Usage of external images.
  • Usage of non-standard entries in mail headers.
  • Usage of some HTML tricks intending to fool spam filters.
  • Usage of wrong HTML tags.
Download installer for 'Hercule Filter'.
Misspelled Filter
PurposeFinds messages with misspelled words.
Recommended priorityHigh
SizeAbout 580 KByte
Dated (YYYY-MM-DD)2004-11-14
Source codeAvailable in SDK package below.
InfoHelp file
What's new?Version history
Assumed that 'paradise' (without the quotes) is a word in your bad words list. This filter finds for example:
  • 'p@radise' (similar looking letters used)
  • 'pàradíse' (letters with accent used)
  • 'paaaaradiiiiise' (character repetitions)
  • 'para dise' (attempts to fragment syllables or words with spaces)
  • 'pa.ra-dise' (infiltrated characters to fool spell filters)
  • 'para<i>dise' (infiltrated HTML tags to fool spell filters)
or combinations of the above.
Download installer for 'Misspelled Filter'.
Foreign language Filter
PurposeFilters mails with foreign language words.
Recommended priorityLow
Recommended usageUse this if you do not use the 'Learning Filter'.
SizeAbout 630 KByte
Dated (YYYY-MM-DD)2004-11-14
Source codeAvailable in SDK package below.
InfoHelp file
What's new?Version history
Filters out mails with words in specified foreign languages or those mails using mainly foreign characters.
Download installer for 'Foreign language Filter'.

Delphi SDK

Spamihilator Software Development Kit (Delphi version) V 2.5
SizeAbout 414 KByte
Dated (YYYY-MM-DD)2004-12-12
This package contains the Delphi version of Spamihilator Software Development Kit based on the original SDK version 2.5.
It contains an implementation for the programming language Delphi, encapsulating classes and sample files.
In addition to the filters listed above, a "Missing body Filter" (which scans for mails without body) is available as source and demonstrates basic usage of the classes.

Download Delphi SDK.
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The Spammers' Compendium from John Graham-Cumming seems to be the original source of some mostly identical listings of spammer's tricks.
See also
"Spammers' Tricks - Shooting at a moving target"
The Spamhaus Project has block lists and names so called "spam gangs" and their leaders.
Tricks used in hyperlinks are explained in article "How to Obscure Any URL".

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