Misspelled Filter

The Misspelled Filter finds messages with misspelled words.
You may find the latest version at www.hinzen.de/Spamihilator and contact the author at edy@hinzen.de.
The current version number of this plugin will be shown in the upper right corner of the options dialog.

Word variations

The search is based on the words entered in the 'bad words list' of Spamihilator.

Assumed that 'paradise' (without the quotes) is a word in your bad words list. This filter finds for example:

or combinations of the above.

Opposite to the built-in Spam-Word-Filter, a phrase like 'lostparadise' will not be regarded; only complete words are scanned to avoid accidential hits.


If you select an entry in Spamihilator's recycle bin, the list of found words will be shown at the label "Spam Words" as usual.

Option panels

The options can be set on several panels in the options dialog.

This help file explains in different sections the various option panels. The explanations are structured as follows:

Title of option panel
Subtitle of option panel
Option, as you read it in the dialog Description

Probability of Spam The spam probability is derived from the definitions in the Spam-Word-List.
In some cases, a probability of 100% will be set - regardless of the total amount of the found words. This is done to indicate that there have been intentionally misspelled words found. This occurs e.g. if character combinations are used to form optically another character; for example forming the character "M" with the sequence Bracket-V-Bracket "(V)".
Mark as spam if ... % reached
(Or intentionally misspelled words were found)
Marks this mail as spam, if at least the defined percentage is reached.
Stop processing if ... % reached
Stops analysis, if defined percentage is reached.

Never No logging takes place.
Standard Standard logging. In general, only errors are reported.
Verbose Not active. Works as "Standard".
Extended Durations will be shown.
Debug-Mode Only for debugging. Start and end of subroutines and the contents of the mails are logged, too.
Remove previous log Within this option you define how long previous log entries will be held.

Version history

Version Remarks
1.2.0 Improved to find more combinations of the mentioned tricks. Introduced this help file.
  Improved logging details. Logging-mode "extended" now shows durations.